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CTV Advertising Factors for 2024 Campaigns

For political advertisers, the path to connecting with voters is clear – connected TV is key as voters have migrated and are engaged. The share of political spend on CTV/OTT is significant and is expected to grow. 

Navigating the Marketing Landscape: Key Trends Shaping Success in 2024

2024 marks a crucial turning point for businesses, presenting both opportunities and challenges that will redefine traditional marketing approaches. Previous marketing tactics must evolve to remain effective and impactful, particularly in a time of heightened customer expectations and economic uncertainty.

2024: A Year for New Year Revolutions

In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to focus on the things outside of our control. Instead, we’d be better off focusing on the things we can control, such as enacting real change within our organisations by making culture a focus for the year ahead.

Reasons to Be Cheerful in 2024

Unless you spent 2023 hibernating under a rock you’ll know that it was a big year for AI – entering the mainstream and hitting the headlines. And 2024 is set to be even bigger.

Scale, Social & AI: Sonic Branding in 2024

As sonic branding has become more recognized for its strengths, we no longer need to start with defining what sonic branding is and its potential to flex across a brand’s entire ecosystem.

TV Unboxed: How to Unleash the True Potential of TV in 2024

Reports of the death of linear TV have been grossly exaggerated but there is a reality to the numbers: according to Ofcom there were 2,490 TV programmes watched by 4m or more people in 2014 compared to only 1,184 in 2022.

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