Adelphoi Music Podcast: British Airways Part 2: The Trouble With Lakme

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A podcast about audio branding by Adelphoi Music and Advertising Week.
Hosted by Jamie Masters.

There was a time when the Lakme theme was synonymous with British Airways. It was recognised and loved all over the world, and became a case study in audio branding effectiveness. But in 2011 it was pulled from all BA’s advertising, apparently for ever. Why? In this episode Jamie looks at the problem of long-term brand themes, and considers good ways and bad ways of evolving them. He also traces the ups and downs of the BA brand’s evolution from the 1990s to the 2000s, and shows how Lakme was repeatedly edged out and pulled back in again, suggesting a brand in two minds about its own identity: wanting to break free of Lakme and the past, but unwilling to give up the power of that emotional connection.

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