Adelphoi Music Podcast: British Airways Part 1 – Why Lakme?

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A podcast about audio branding by Adelphoi Music and Advertising Week.
Hosted by Jamie Masters.

The British Airways theme (‘Lakme’) is one of the longest-lasting, and most widely recognised brand themes in the world. Where did it come from, and what made it so successful? In this episode Jamie goes back to the tumultuous early days of the airline, and its transformation under Lord King from a loss-making state-owned drudge to a Thatcherite poster child. In the hands of Saatchi and Saatchi, the brand underwent a complete identity transplant, to become classy, ambitious and confident, and – almost by accident – found its perfect match in Lakme. But this episode is also about ‘Britishness’ – what it means and why it doesn’t always make sense for ‘British’ brands to use their Britishness as a brand attribute.

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