AW360: Allan Tinkler, Head of Platform Business Development, Quantcast

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On today’s episode of the AW360 podcast we speak with Allan Tinkler, Head of Platform Business Development at Quantcast. Allan discusses the need for a better measurement model for advertisers, the many U-turns in the road to cookieless solutions, and the potential impact for independent publishing as some turn toward building their own walled gardens.


  • 00:29 – 02:20 – The role of platform business development at Quantcast
  • 02:20 – 04:24 – Google’s decision to delay the removal of third party cookies
  • 04:26 – 08:08 – What are the solutions they are working on at Quantcast?
  • 08:08 – 11:06 – Why do we rely so heavily on cookies versus exploring new technologies?
  • 11:06 – 13:42 – The walled garden approach to publishing
  • 13:42 – 15:17 – How does a walled garden work?
  • 15:17 – 20:38 – Do you think Google will transition fully away from cookies?


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