AW360: Andrew Ward, President, Ampersand

In this episode, we speak with Andrew Ward, President of Ampersand. On the heels of their rebrand announcement at Advertising Week New York 2019, Ampersand launched the AND platform the following month and has experienced incredible growth, reaching almost 42 million households in the US with over 3 billion hours of linear and streaming television inventory. Andrew discusses all of this and more.


  • 00:29 – 02:27 – Andrew Ward on Ampersand’s rebranding
  • 02:27 – 07:46 – How Ampersand combines the best of the best of digital and TV
  • 07:47 – 09:49 – How does Ampersand deal with data from its distribution partners?
  • 09:50 – 16:28 – How measurement works when it comes to local vs national TV markets
  • 16:29 – 19:56 – What are the challenges ahead for the ad platform?


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