AW360: Esther Raphael, Chief Marketing Officer, Intersection

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Esther Raphael, Chief Marketing Officer at media and technology company Intersection joins to discuss her leadership experience and weighs in on topics important to any business: specifically, the Great Resignation, retaining talent, and what she refers to as “the stay interview.”


  • 00:28 – 04:32 – Esther Raphael on the great resignation crisis in the advertising industry
  • 04:32 – 08:28 – Are stay interviews making a positive impact on corporate culture?
  • 08:28 – 12:04 – What are the most common reasons for people changing jobs?
  • 12:05 – 13:58 – Are we going back to full five day work weeks?
  • 13:58 – 16:28 – Is the great resignation problem a uniquely American problem?
  • 16:29 – 17:50 – What is Esther’s biggest takeaway for 2022?


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