AW360: Isha Sesay, Activist and Journalist

Activist, author, award-winning journalist Isha Sesay has dedicated her career to empowering and amplifying the voices of young women across Africa. In this episode of AW360, we speak with Isha about her path from CNN International to activism, the struggles of keeping issues in front of the public in our always-on world, and her new podcast, The Accidental Activist.


  • 02:13 – 04:05 – How did she get into activism?

  • 04:05 – 06:21 – Advice for someone looking to become an activist

  • 06:22 – 11:42 – Is there more challenge with activism now than before with social media?

  • 11:42 – 14:33 – Do you feel that the public is paying enough attention to global issues?

  • 14:34 – 16:19 – What progress did you see while working at CNN?

  • 16:19 – 19:53 – The Accidental Activist podcast


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