AW360: Jess Phillips, Founder and CEO, The Social Standard

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In this episode we speak with Jess Phillips, Founder and CEO of The Social Standard. Jess discusses the wide variety of social platforms available today, how brands can find the right influencer fit, and the promise and potentially exciting future of the metaverse. I hope you enjoy this episode.


  • 00:29 – 02:45 – The Social Standard’s Jess Phillips on how brands can find the right influencer fit
  • 02:45 – 07:51 – How did she get started in the social media space?
  • 07:52 – 10:47 – How do you steer brands towards certain platforms?
  • 10:48 – 14:54 – How do they steer brands towards those types of influencers that work best for them?
  • 14:54 – 16:37 – How do you feel about the metaverse?
  • 16:37 – 19:12 – Is the metaverse going to be accessible to creators?


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