AW360: Jim Misener, Principal and President, 50,000feet

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Returning to the show this week is Jim Misener, Principal and President at 50,000 feet. We last featured Jim on the show just before the pandemic completely changed the world we live in so it was great to catch-up, discussing everything from creativity to brands doing social good and a whole lot more.


  • 00:28 – 02:47 – Jim Meisner on 50,000 feet and what he does
  • 02:47 – 09:40 – How 50,000feet works with some of the biggest brands in finance
  • 09:40 – 12:26 – What is the strategy team’s focus?
  • 12:27 – 15:34 – How often is the creative process repeatable?
  • 15:34 – 19:54 – How has the pandemic impacted creativity and how has it impacted 50,000 feet?
  • 19:54 – 21:38 – Advice for anyone trying to predict the future


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