AW360: Maren Seitz, Head of DACH, Analytic Partners

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This week on the AW360 Podcast, I speak with Maren Seitz of Analytic Partners. Maren and I discuss riding the waves of unstable consumer behavior, getting serious about privacy, the inevitability of media inflation, and purpose.


  • 03:49 – 05:42 – How to balance what’s useful versus what could be construed as creepy
  • 05:43 – 07:57 – How do we get closer to consumers?
  • 07:58 – 10:22 – Is it easier for brands who have superfans to ask for data?
  • 10:23 – 13:31 – The Edelman Trust Barometer
  • 13:32 – 17:45 – Do we look for alignment with our own values as a way of compensating for what we’re not getting out of politicians?
  • 17:47 – 20:02 – Where do you see the industry in 5 years?


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