AW360: Paul Hirsch, President and CEO, Doremus

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On this episode of the AW360 podcast, we’re pleased to welcome Paul Hirsch, President and CEO of Doremus. Paul fills us in on what we can expect from the new B2B Creative Lion category at Cannes this year, as well as the similarities and differences between creative in the B2B and B2C spaces in general.


  • 00:29 – 04:20 – Paul Hirsch on the new B2B Creative Lion
  • 04:21 – 05:54 – How does B2B and B2C advertising differ today in your opinion?
  • 05:54 – 10:43 – Have you seen culture shaped by the advertising world?
  • 10:44 – 13:33 – Where do you go to find inspiration?
  • 13:34 – 15:44 – What standards are the B2B Creative Lion entrants being held to?


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