AW360: Sam Budd, CEO and Founder, Buddy Media

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The pandemic has dramatically changed how we live, work and shop and as a result, people have developed new needs, preferences, and values. Sam Budd, CEO and Founder of Buddy Media, walks us through how live, in-person events have changed to fit those needs and how brands should be thinking about live events again both now and in the future.


  • 00:29 – 03:30 – Sam Budd, CEO and founder of Buddy Media, on how live events have changed since the pandemic
  • 03:31 – 05:35 – Is there a renewed interest in live events?
  • 05:36 – 07:16 – Why brands should care about live events
  • 07:17 – 11:55 – The launch of Match Masters
  • 11:55 – 15:32 – What is your view on the metaverse and its potential future?


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