Corner Office Breakdowns: Why Do So Many Women in Leadership Perform Like Men?

I was always taught to choose a job based on the manager. And because I’m an ambitious woman, I always wanted to work for an ambitious woman. But as my life started to dimensionalize (marriage, family, wanting to define my own way of “leading”), I realized that often, ambitious women have gotten where they are by performing as men. They’re not introducing diverse perspectives into the top of their companies, they are chameleons trying to belong.

Guest: Stephanie Redlener, founder of Lioness, a leadership and change agency for women on the rise, and executive coach


  • We’re taught to lean in, take up space at the table, and speak loudly if we want to be seen/noticed. How have we been conditioned to lead/work through the masculine?
  • Is it possible to find success in existing companies by navigating work in a predominantly feminine way
  • What does it mean to lead through the feminine?
  • How can women be true to themselves, help other women, and still get ahead?


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