Great Minds: Bing Chen, Founder and Investor

Bing Chen, Founder and Investor

Bing Chen is an impact founder, investor, and new world builder. He is Chairman of AU Ventures, President of Gold House, General Partner of AUM Group, and was previously a principal architect of YouTube’s multi-billion dollar global creator ecosystem. Bing joins Great Minds this week to talk us through his extraordinary career.


  • 00:18 – 08:13 – Bing Chen on the launch of Gold House Ventures
  • 08:13 – 11:52 – The creation of the creator economy
  • 11:53 – 15:07 – Where did the creator economy start?
  • 21:57 – 31:22 – Advice board members and how they play a key role in the creator ecosystem
  • 31:22 – 34:18 – What is Oura? How did he get involved with it?
  • 34:18 – 46:30 – The origin story of Gold House

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