Great Minds: Deborah Bonham, English Rock and Blues Singer

Deborah Bonham, English Rock and Blues Singer

When she was only six, Deborah Bonham’s older brother John Bonham was set to make rock history as the drummer for Led Zeppelin. From there, Deborah’s own career began to take shape, both under her early mentor Robert Plant and eventually releasing her own albums and singing and touring with the likes of Van Halen, Humble Pie, and Paul Rogers, among others. In this episode of Great Minds, Deborah takes us through both her own career, and that of her undeniably rock’n’roll family.


  • 00:13 – 17:28 – Deborah on growing up in the Bonham family
  • 17:28 – 22:38 – What is it like to play the Royal Albert Hall?
  • 22:38 – 29:07 – What are some of the most magical moments of her career on stage?
  • 29:07 – 31:43 – Working with artist’s she loves
  • 31:43 – 35:30 – Upcoming tour plans and her new album

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