Great Minds: Sharon Napier

Sharon Napier, Executive Chair and Founder of Partners + Napier

Sharon Napier is the Executive Chair and Founder of Partners + Napier, an integrated creative and media company twice ranked among the Top 20 Most Effective Agencies in North America by Effie Worldwide. Napier also sits on the Global Strategic Leadership Team of Project Worldwide, a privately held holding company of 13 leading agencies.

Beyond Partners + Napier, Napier is active in numerous organizations aligning with the agency’s verticals of expertise and her personal passions. She serves as Board Chair of the 4A’s, is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Rochester Institute of Technology and is co-Vice President of the Memorial Art Gallery Board of Managers in Rochester, NY. She is also a member of the Culinary Institute of America’s Society of Fellows.


  • 00:18 – 02:52 – The new chair of the 4A’s, Sharon Napier
  • 02:52 – 04:37 – How did she start her career in advertising?
  • 04:37 – 14:48 – Her early years as a young entrepreneur
  • 14:49 – 19:00 – Transcending Our Business
  • 19:04 – 22:15 – How have we done as an industry?
  • 22:15 – 34:17 – The impact of the pandemic on the advertising industry
  • 34:17 – 37:35 – Challenges for organic growth
  • 37:36 – 47:19 – Challenges of being a woman in a man’s world
  • 47:19 – 49:41 – The evolution of the agency business
  • 49:41 – 51:16 – The state of the agency
  • 51:17 – 53:53 – What are the top priorities for her as the new 4A’s chair?

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