Great Minds: Sonia Jackson Myles, Founder, The Accord Group

Sonia Jackson Myles, Founder, The Accord Group

As an advisor and executive coach to numerous Fortune 500 companies and startups, Sonia Jackson Myles works with CEO’s and their teams on leadership development; growth strategies to diversity, particularly in the areas of MBE development and women’s initiatives; change management; employee engagement and creating a culture where employees can thrive. Her leadership development series, “Great Leaders Have Great Relationships” and “Dreamwalking” have been used by numerous organizations.

Today on Great Minds, Sonia walks us through her career path.


  • 00:18 – 04:08 – Introduction
  • 04:09 – 05:42 – How did she tested her leadership skills at Gillette
  • 05:43 – 10:28 – P&G’s acquisition of Gillette
  • 10:29 – 12:12 – How her parents inspired her to be a mentor
  • 12:16 – 23:24 – The origin story of The Sister Accord
  • 23:25 – 26:06 – What were the biggest mistakes early in her career?
  • 26:07 – 34:53 – What early successes gave her the confidence to start a company?
  • 34:54 – 40:28 – The Sister Accord Accelerator

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