Reset, the Podcast: A Masterclass in Authentic Leadership – with Paul Pomroy

Paul Pomroy

We wanted to share again with you today the very first Reset the podcast conversation, Suki Thompson founder/CEO Let’s Reset had with Paul Pomroy back in January 2021.  Paul is now the Corporate SVP, International Operated Markets for McDonald’s and formerly the CEO of UK and Ireland.

We often talk about the need to for leaders to be authentic, to share their vulnerabilities, open up and also be inspiring thought leaders and of course deliver the commercial outcomes.

Paul is a text book case. This is a fascinating exploration of how his childhood impacted his adulthood both personally and professionally, we share some revealing and tough truths, some moments of passion and we think you can see why Paul is the brilliant leader that he is and why McDonald’s have recently promoted him yet again. If you take time to do one thing over this Christmas break, take time to relax and reset with us and listen to this masterclass in leadership.

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