Reset, the Podcast: Alex Partridge OLY – From Gold Medals to the Corporate World

Alex Partridge OLY

I often dreamed of being an Olympic athlete and from the moment that my Uncle Colin first took me to Henley Royal Regatta at 16,  I have loved rowing. So my conversation with Alex Partridge OLY, Former Olympic rower, is very special. Added to this, he is a Mental Wellbeing and Financial Wellness aficionado who is passionate about bringing, health, strength, and happiness to all, through best practices and taking time to talk.

Alex talks to me passionately about his move from rowing to business, and very openly about the importance of looking after his own wellbeing and mental health.

We discuss how living a life of purpose leads to fulfilment, and touch on topics such as creating a network of people to talk to when you need help, keeping a good head space and the steps leaders should take to ensure wellbeing at work.

The resets in Alex’s work and life and his drive and ambition to help and support others through his unique experience of elite sport and business. Alex gives us lots of tips to follow and encourages us to take a moment to reflect on our achievements.

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