Reset, the Podcast: Alex Partridge, Olympian and Wellbeing Ambassador, Wagestream

Alex Partridge, Olympian

What an incredible few months it has been for sport, both on and off the field of play. The Olympics and now the ParaOlympics are the focus of the conversation between  Alex Partridge, a three time Olympic rower and now Wellbeing Ambassador for Wagestream and Suki Thompson Founder/CEO Let’s Reset. You can hear first-hand what it takes to be a sporting champion and how Alex trained to be an elite athlete. They discuss  how sport and wellbeing are now centre stage and the impact that Simone Biles had speaking out about her own mental health. But, in their conversation, they touch on things that go way beyond sport. Alex’s journey from feeling that rowing was just something he did, to understanding its true value is utterly fascinating. Along the way, he learnt the value of understanding his own worth and importantly, why that mattered to others. And the most important lesson that he picked up along the way? Inspire and be inspired. This is a podcast  for anyone who loves life, sport and everything in between.

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