Reset, the Podcast: Andrew Garrihy, CMO, DiDi International

Andrew Garrihy, CMO, DiDi International

This week I had the absolute privilege of sitting down with one of the most dynamic and distinguished marketers globally Andrew Garrihy, CMO, DiDi International. In one of the most open yet optimistic conversations I have had on the podcast to date, I learn so much about the real moments which have shaped Andrew as a human and a businessman- we discuss his fathers alcoholism, the discrimination he has faced personally, as well as his husband’s chronic illness. He shares eloquently and authentically the resilience, perspective and importantly gratitude these experiences have instilled within him.

Andrew has changed the way we work at Let’s Reset, his desire to run a 6 week global Reset programme helped us all to shape up and step up.  Andrew tells me why he wanted such pace and how his ambition to build high performing teams is based on his five principle’s of; community, culture, care, commonality and coaching. On a personal note, I was truly humbled to hear the impact our work has made on the people and performance of DiDi and feel so grateful to be building a business with a purpose to change the lives of those we work with.

The conversation is real, raw and refreshing, which makes this an episode of RESET the podcast definitely not one to be missed…

P.S. If you would like to get in touch with me to hear more about the work we did with DiDi and how we can make a difference to your team and orgsnisation as well, drop me an email at

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