Reset, the Podcast: Angie Greaves – Smooth Radio Presenter, The Sunday Morning Vibe, Angie’s Book Club

Angie Greaves

This is the response that my guest this week gave me when I asked her “Who are you?”  Angie is best known as Smooth Radio’s Drive time presenter. Her career has gone from strength to strength and we discuss her journey to success- which ironically, hasn’t always been so smooth. From her North-West London upbringing, her troublesome school-life, (she was very naughty, but loved her school and her teachers) to her experiences as a Black woman in radio and the systemic racism which still exists in the industry – Angie shares openly the challenges she has faced both personally and professionally and how she has overcome them.

Whilst we all have a story to tell about where we were in March 2020 when we were told to lockdown, Angie’s is probably quite different. She talks to me about what it was like to receive such monumental news moments before going live on air to the nation. The question for her was not ‘how do I feel’, but ‘what do others want to hear’ and she shares how she put fear aside to be a voice of reassurance, release and resolve for those tuned in, as well as how she sustained this same energy and positivity throughout the pandemic- often having to put her own personal realities and emotions second to that of the nation. Our conversation looks at not only the power of radio, but the power of talking and sharing openly through times of challenge.

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