Reset, the Podcast: Anuradha Chugh, CEO, Pukka Herbs

Radha Chugh
For this edition of Reset, the Podcast, it’s worth grabbing a cup of tea. And preferably a cup of Pukka tea. Because I was delighted to be joined by AnuRadha Chugh, the recently appointed CEO of Pukka Herbs, a company she describes as beautiful. Thirteen different schools growing up would normally be enough to cause any child huge anxiety. But, in Anu’s case, quite the opposite. It allowed her to develop what she describes as her superpower which is to thrive through change. It’s one of the very many positive resets that have allowed Anu to become such a respected leader and one with a real sense of purpose. And, during our chat, she talks about what purpose means to hear, captured by one of her favourite phrases, ‘Linked Prosperity.’ And her best piece of advice? If you lead with the heart, you get the head for free. This is an episode that definitely speaks to both. Enjoy.

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