Reset, the Podcast: Arian (Ari) Humirang – From Kindness Sparks Acceptance

Stylized photo of Arian (Ari) Humirang and Suki Thompson

When we started Let’s Reset in the HKX offices, I met my guest this week. They are one of the best office concierges I have ever met, an empowering individual who brings a bright ray of light onto everyone they interact with. Their work to champion the LGBTQ+ community has led them to be an IPA iList & British LGBT Award Winner with Havas Pride.

Ari Humirang is non-binary and talks with me about how they learnt to become comfortable in their own identity whilst growing up without similar role models to turn to in the Philippines.

As a warning, in this podcast we cover some sensitive issues including suicide. Ari bravely discusses why to date they have chosen not seek counselling and the coping mechanisms they use when struggling with their darkest thoughts.

Ari’s disarmingly honest and helps me navigate some of the more difficult aspects of talking about non-binary people, they tell me ‘when you assume, you make an ‘ass’ of ‘me’ and ‘you’. Our society today is notorious for assuming things about each other, so what I have learnt from this conversation is that it is only by taking the time to get to know what people really think and the experiences they go through, that we can appreciate the differences that makes someone so special. It’s OK to ask questions but be considerate and kind.

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