Reset, the Podcast: Blood, Sweat, and Fears – From AWEurope

You are in a for  a real treat this week. Davina McCall is one of the most recognisable faces on British television and has become a household name for millions. But, behind that famous face is something we don’t often get to hear about; Davina the person.

The challenges she has faced, the drive to succeed as an entrepreneur and what it’s really like to be a working Mum and a famous one at that. Helen Gorman Managing Partner, Let’s Reset is a working Mum too. But she’s also an excellent marketer & Suki Thompson’s partner in the business.

#Brave#brilliant and #inspirational are three words that we would describe these 3 extraordinary women. The other is over 50. In this week’s Reset the podcast, we share the conversation Suki (Founder and CEO Let’s Reset) had with Davina and Helen earlier on in the year as part of the Let’s Reset POWER UP festival with Advertising Week Europe. They talk about  what makes them all feel passionate at 50 to grow businesses they love, explore what wellbeing means to them and why being open to new adventures is the thing that really keeps them young AND they openly share the impact of cancer and the menopause on their lives!

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