Reset, the Podcast: Chris Hirst, Global CEO, Havas – How to Be a Non Bullsh*t Leader

Chris Hirst, Global CEO, Havas

In this RESET the podcast we discuss how Chris Hirst Global CEO, Havas came from an education in engineering to perusing a path in advertising… culminating in him being at the helm of one of the most prestigious communications groups in the world. I was fascinated of course, to learn about the moments along the way which have shaped Chris as a person and a leader and he talks specifically about the pivitol role an 8 week course at Harvard Business School had on building a sense of freedom and confidence within him, and how this shaped his fervent belief in the power of education and training. He also talks to me about his first role as a CEO and the bold and brave moves he had to make to take along the way.

Chris shares the motivation behind his book, “No Bullsh*t Leadership” giving us an insight into why leadership is truly a ‘doing word’ made up of action, and his views on decision making as a strong leader. We have a great conversation too about what resilience and hard work means to the both of us and how our ideas of these concepts and the role they play in strong leadership have shifted with time and experience.

Finally, we discuss how Chris measures other leaders when it comes to wellbeing, D&I, performance and ultimately why leadership is a personal journey and up to everyone to find their own path.



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