Reset, the Podcast: Christina Flach – Without the Darkness You Cannot Shine

Christina Frach

I love makeup and female entrepreneurs and Christina Flach, President and CEO of ‘Pretty Girl Makeup’ embodies the best in both.

In this week’s Reset the podcast Christina shares with me how she first got into the makeup industry after seeing how makeup helped her friends and family to feel better about themselves, She talks about the journey her brand has been on and how her experience as a makeup artist allows her to find innovative ways to be creative with her brand.

The sudden and heartbreaking loss of her husband Ken Flach gave Christina and her family a huge unwanted and unplanned reset. She shares how she found the inner strength when the world was pulled out from under her feet and explains how being disciplined with herself, taking time to help others and making sure she is always kind to herself as well as those around her, helps her to now live her life to the full.

Christina’s positive attitude to life is contagious and I love her poignant message that when you have to overcome the darkness, the light will be so much brighter.


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