Reset, the Podcast: David Beeney – Big Boys DO Cry

A photo of David Beeney, this week's guest on Reset, the Podcast

This week on RESET the podcast we have our mental health counsellor and leader of our POHAY workshop, David Beeney. David and I discuss the difficulties many people find with asking for help. David helps break down the stigma of asking for help by sharing his expert knowledge on the tricky process of a selecting a counsellor who works for you, encouraging everyone to give counselling a chance.

Content warning: we discuss suicide as we cover the language used when speaking about someone who has taken their own life and the terrible impact this has not only on them but those around them.

We debate why people are comfortable to tell their peers that they have invested in a personal trainer for their physical wellbeing, yet we are still so afraid to tell people they have a therapist for their mental wellbeing and why big boys and girls DO cry.

At the heart of Let’s Reset are the frameworks that we teach to embed a culture of openness, energy, wellbeing and performance into an organisation.  We discuss why and how we measure the impact of this through the 7 needs test and the all-important ‘Power of how are you?’ programme.

David discusses with me why as leaders, the moment we share our own vulnerablity we give others permission to share their vulnerability too. Something we all need to be reminded about and practice in our daily work lives.


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