Reset, the Podcast: Dr. Judith Grant – How Adversity Can Trigger Post Traumatic Growth

In this week’s conversation, Dr Judith Grant speaks openly to me about how she suffered with very low self-esteem and bullied for being overweight in her school years. She reset, changed her life-style, built her confidence which inspired her entire career path, supporting individuals and organisations to maximise their wellbeing at work in companies like the Royal Mail and MACE.

Then just three years ago, Judith’s life was seriously impacted by long covid. She openly shares with me a very detailed and emotional reality of her traumatic experiences (some side effects still remain today)  and how during this time, she realised that her personal identity was perhaps far too tied up in work and balance was needed.

Today, Judith has reset once again, by working on her sense of self, learning to slow down, she can speed up.  Listening to her body, setting boundaries, building a support network and appreciating the small wins in everyday life, she can continue to support others and inspire us all.


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