Reset, the Podcast: Elizabeth Gooch, MBE – the Spirit of a Multi-Million Pound Entrepreneur

This week I am talking to the incredible Elizabeth Gooch, MBE, CEO of eg solutions and a powerhouse entrepreneur. We discuss her path to founding a successful UK tech company and pioneering a new and emerging technology market that is worth over $3bn. Showing that hard work and determination really does pay off.

I love how Elizabeth has been successful by not sticking to the system. Her strength and creativity were used to adopt her own approach, resetting and choosing to take the ‘unconventional’ path. 

We reflect on the leaders and founders we have met along our entrepreneurial pathways and the positive and negative traits they showed to us.  We analyse just how important people are to a company and Elizabeth reminds us all that the way you treat people will come back and not only amplify your brand but your own reputation. A poignant reminder to always be kinder than kind and to continue putting your people first. 


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