Reset, the Podcast: Gabi Slemer, CEO and Founder, Finasana – Where Money and Mindfulness Meet

Gabi Slemer, CEO and Founder, Finasana

This week I am joined by Gabi Slemer the CEO and Founder of Finasana, an online platform built to support you on your journey to achieving true financial wellbeing. Founded on the principles of balance, education and accessibility, Gabi shares why and how she is dedicating her life to helping others create peace around their pennies.

Gabi shares with me how she has combined her WallStreet and wellness training to create this platform and explains why she believes financial education is a critical part of everyone’s self-care routine.

We tackle big questions like ‘how much money is really enough?’ and ‘how much money do I need to make me happy’, as well as thoughts around the way we perceive wealth in our society.

Some great lessons and learnings to be taken from this episode, so give it a listen and start your journey to achieving financial wellbeing…

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