Reset, the Podcast: Garry Lace – Why Every Day Really Is a School Day

The power of stories and learning have always been a key passion for my guest this week. The colourful, creative and occasionally controversial Garry Lace, former CEO of some of London’s biggest advertising agencies and now a founder at Storians, speaks candidly about his own personal journey. 

 We talk about what he has learnt through his leadership experiences and career resets and why ‘staying tethered’ is now so important to him.  We explore how to inspire leaders to tell their own stories, show real vulnerability and to recognise that their most important assets in business are their people. I hope that this frank and open conversation will inspire you to open up about your own well-being journey and take time to listen to someone else on #TimetoTalk Day, 2nd February 2023.   

By providing your people with a safe space to share their own stories you might just make a real difference to someone’s life.


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