Reset, the Podcast: Geoff McDonald, Global Mental Health Campaigner

’The Brighter The Light, The Darker The Shadow’

In this latest Reset Podcast, Suki Thompson, Founder, Let’s Reset chats to Geoff McDonald, perhaps one of the most passionate campaigners globally for mental health and wellbeing. Geoff’s story is not of one personal reset but two. As a result of mental health illness and the loss of one of his closest friends through suicide, Geoff reset his professional life to dedicate it to the wellbeing cause. During their conversation, Geoff talks very powerfully about why his closest friend’s death affected him so much. They also chat about his drive to ensure that workplaces everywhere spend as much time creating mental and emotional safety as they do physical safety. And Geoff’s most powerful observation about why wellbeing matters so much – the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. A phrase which is a powerful reminder to us all that you never really know how someone is feeling inside.

**Trigger warning** This podcast covers a conversation about suicide. If you have been personally impacted by the topic spoken about in this podcast and would like further help or support, please do contact the Samaritans Tel UK : 116123

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