Reset, the Podcast: Harry Sanders, Founder Studio Hawk

reset podcast logo with Harry Sanders, Founder Studio Hawk and suki thompson

One of the joys of this podcast is that I get to meet truly inspirational people, some who have learnt and achieved so much at such a young age.

Harry Sanders is a very special guest and fits this description perfectly.  From sleeping rough in his teenage years, to founding the multi-million-dollar International SEO company, Studio Hawk, Harry is certainly a man with a story to tell.

He talks me through how he initially found himself drawn to the world of SEO, stemming from a desire to help his Dad’s small business at the age of 13 and quenching a thirst to learn more, get better and succeed. As his knowledge grew, so did his confidence, and by just 16 Harry took a leap to leave school, the company he was working for and try it for himself… a decision which, along with family circumstances led to him not to continued success but being broke and living rough on the streets of Sydney Australia.

We have an open and frank conversation about the psychological impact of being homeless had on him and road he has travelled to build back a sense of self-worth and value. Harry astutely talks about the saying ‘Self Made’, asking me if anyone is really ever ‘self’ made? For him, he attributes much of where he is now, to the social workers and therapists who worked with him whilst he was on the streets, and allowed him to feel seen, heard and valued.

He shares the reality of building a business from the streets – sleeping with his laptop, relying on McDonald’s free Wi-Fi and holding onto using networking events as a chance to connect back into the tech world (as well as an opportunity to access some free food and drink). I get to hear intimately the ways in which his experiences have shaped Harry as an entrepreneur, leader and a mentor to others and how that now impacts how he shapes the culture of his business which is growing internationally.

A visionary leader and inspiring soul.  I hope this episode of RESET the podcast gives you a different perspective on what is important in life. If,  like me, you were inspired by the show plse follow, rate and share with your colleagues and friends. It makes a real difference to us at Let’s Reset



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