Reset, the Podcast: Harry Wordsworth and Tom Wordsworth

Harry Wordsworth and Tom Wordsworth

Featuring Harry Wordsworth,  Director Business Development & Strategy – Customer Experience, Oracle & Tom Wordsworth,  Founder of Tommelier

Suki (Founder Let’s Reset) talks to two men, Harry and Tom Wordsworth,  who need no help in finding either their passion or purpose. Married with two children, they talk with Suki about what life is like for them at work and at home. Their journey is a great lesson for us all in putting your passion and purpose ahead of almost everything else and theirs shines through this conversation like the brightest of lights. Their passion for wine that lead Tom to starting a business and together them bringing joy to many during lockdown. Their passion for children that lead them to adopting and finally, their love for each other which, amongst other things, lead to one of the world’s most romantic proposals. It’s a Podcast that really does reminds us why passion and purpose are so important to your wellbeing.

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