Reset, the Podcast: How Wellbeing Can Support an Industry with Diana Tickell, CEO, NAB’S

Diana Tickell, CEO, NAB’S

This week Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO, Let’s Reset talks to Diana Tickell, a woman driven by a strong sense of passion and purpose, currently at NABS, the support organisation for the advertising and media industry as their CEO.

Suki and Diana share the changes they’ve noticed in the industry since Covid and how uncertainty, redundancy and financial hardship have driven behaviour changes across the board. They discuss how strong leaders, agencies and organisations have bought wellbeing into the workplace and consider how its effectiveness can now be measured. On a more personal note, Diana tells us what looking after her own wellbeing looks like and the important role relationships play in her life, as well as the tools and mechanisms she uses to create space and clarity amidst the noise.

Suki is recovering from an immune illness and so sounds different from her previous podcasts. We wish her a full recovery over the next few weeks.

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