Reset, the Podcast: Julia Jones aka Dr. Rock- Using Bio-Hacks and Music to Boost Wellness

Dr. Julia Jones

If there’s one woman who knows how to reset in style, it’s Dr. Julia Jones, otherwise known as Dr. Rock and who better for Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO, Let’s Reset to talk to on International Women’s Week?

Julia Jones is a neuroscientist who uses Bio-hacks to boost wellness and fuel performance. Julia has built her career beating to her own drum…carving new pathways in the neuroscience space and making waves by exploring how we can use music among other things to improve focus, bond with those around us and calm and center ourselves to achieve inner harmony. In the conversation, she takes Suki through the personal resets she has made to improve her physical health and explains why we need to start thinking about fitness and wellness as separate entities. Julia talks about some of the ways we should rethink our traditional health habits and details why gut health (one of my absolute passions) is central to a peak performance.

This is one of the most fascinating conversations Suki has had and we think you will certainly come away feeling in the groove to try something new.

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