Reset, the Podcast: Julian Douglas – President IPA/International CEO VCCP

Julian Douglas – President IPA/International CEO VCCP

Today Suki  (Founder & CEO Let’s Reset) talks to Julian Douglas, or Dougie as he is known by many. Newish President of the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) and International CEO & Vice Chairman of communications agency VCCP. As well as chatting about some of the challenges the industry faces, Dougie describes very passionately why at this discontinuous moment,  it is the very time to accelerate 10 x faster. He’s a man who believes that he has a superpower, borne not from the skill he has, but the background he came from. He tells us why he feels that his Irish Mum, Jamaican Dad and Manchester upbringing gave him a point of difference in life. Dougie’s own journey has been full of resets. And it’s in those resets that he’s learned his biggest lessons. How important wellbeing is, what it takes to drive real change and why everyone should have a side hustle. In their conversations it’s easy to see why Dougie, is a fantastic Ambassador for the industry. But, what does his daughter think of him? Well, before they started the Podcast she was very clear. He’s nice, kind, funny and tall!  He certainly is, alongside inspiring and very passionate about people, creativity and a better industry for all.

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