Reset, the Podcast: Kathryn Jacob, OBE – I Am Not Infallible, I Am Human

Stylized photo of Kathryn Jacob, OBE

This week on RESET the podcast, we have the wonderfully energetic Kathryn Jacob, OBE, CEO of Pearl and Dean. Alongside her 17-years at Pearl and Dean she has also written two fabulous books with Sue Unerman: Belonging: The Key to Transforming and Maintaining Diversity, Inclusion and Equality at Work and The Glass Wall.

In this podcast we talk about being a woman in the workplace. Kathyrn and I discuss some of the stories of sexism we faced when we first started as young women in a tough industry. We reflect on the weird environments we walked into, the discrimination we faced based on our sex and the dog-eat-dog nature of the media world. She empowers us all by reminding us to assert our dominance and speak up when we feel something is wrong or someone is mistreating us or those around us.

Kathryn shares how her team at Pearl and Dean find their rhythm working together and learn to be the best version of themselves. She tells me how she creates a culture of openness and support to ensure her team always feel confident, inspired and motivated to work together and how important collective responsibility is when encouraging people to work to the best of their ability.

We also take a moment together to talk about weakness and why we shouldn’t be scared of showing this. Weakness is just a development area for us, we can all learn from it. Without weakness we cannot have strength. 

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