Reset, the Podcast: Kenyatte Nelson – the Best Game to Play, Is the One Where Everyone Gets a Turn

Starting a new role can be daunting for anyone and Kenyatte has spent equal time thinking about the commercial as well as people aspects of his new job as Chief Membership & Customer Officer at Co-op. We discuss the enormous opportunities ahead for him and how he plans to build strong connections with his new team, partners and customers.

Kenyatte has taken time during his ‘gardening leave’ to reflect again on his own personal journey. He shares a previous moment when he reset his approach to work. After he suffered from a panic attack that was mistaken by doctors as a heart attack, he faced the sobering realization that he needed to stop swallowing his worries and avoiding conflict.

As one of the best well known black men in marketing, Kenyatte shares the pressure this puts on him and  how he feels consciously committed to being a representation of the African American male and also the voice for people of colour in traditionally white boardrooms. We discuss how Kenyatte goes above and beyond to ensure all people feel that they belong in the workplace and everyone gets a turn.


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