Reset, the Podcast: “Living between the Windows” with Helen Gorman, Managing Partner, Let’s Reset

Helen Gorman, Managing Partner, Let's Reset

We call this episode ‘living between the windows’ because it is about how my brilliantly brave business partner Helen Gorman has lived her life in between defining moments and events which have shaped her as a mother, a professional and an individual. Whilst the two of us talk everyday and have worked closely together for many years, this conversation opens the door for me to see new parts of the window which makes Helen’s light shine so bright.

The thread of learning and ambition seems to characterise a lot of Helen’s life and something we talk about throughout this episode – grounded in strong marketing training, we discuss Helen’s road to becoming a brilliant client, a strong leader and a credible consultant, balancing this with her personal passions of photography, the outdoors and exercise. We also talk about another big aspect of her life – the impact becoming a mother had on her perspective and approach to working life and what she gained as well as had to give up through this process.

We poignantly discuss the reality of living with an incurable cancer diagnosis and how this affects both how and why Helen continues to work at Let’s Reset.  She shares her changed outlook on life and living, and why although she lives ‘much more closely to now’, her ambitions for the future are still, being built up (quite literally), including taking on a new project of constructing a house in the Kent countryside.

The metaphor Helen has adopted in recent years around living between these windows is really quite apt, because through the moments of very serious challenge and change which she shares with us, she is a shining example of how we can continue to share and shine light through moments of darkness.

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