Reset, the Podcast: Marcella Collins – Creating a Safe Space to Talk

For many having a baby is one of the most powerful and natural things to do in the world, but for others it’s a huge challenge that takes determination, courage and a lot of patience. In this week’s RESET the podcast I talk to Marcella Collins, Founder and Managing Director of Prompt Marketing. She shares openly the journey she and her wife, Maggie Alphonsi MBE, have gone through to have baby Artie and now Marcella’s current pregnancy.

Marcella talks about the joy of their first child carried by Maggie, and then the despair she felt when she was unable conceive herself. The challenge of rounds of IVF & the loneliness, she experienced following on from her miscarriage.

She also openly discusses what it was like to be a gay professional rugby player and the transition for her into being a successful entrepreneur.

In this episode Marcella and I hope to normalize conversations around miscarriage, loss and motherhood. She is an inspiration as a mother, a gay woman, wife, entrepreneur and most importantly a wonderful human being.


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