Reset, the Podcast: Matt Scheckner, CEO, Stillwell Partners

Matt Scheckner

Today Suki (Founder & CEO, Let’s Reset)  talks to Lord Matt Scheckner, CEO of Stillwell Partners. Stillwell is best known as the producer of Advertising Week, the world’s largest advertising / marketing / media industry festival and Matt is the brainchild behind it. Let’s Reset have a partnership with Advertising Week called Power Up, so in this conversation they talk about their journey together and the passion behind this fascinating entrepreneur.

Not unsurprisingly for someone in the communications business, Matt is a natural story teller. From his adoption through to his childhood growing up in Queens to the discovery in his thirties of four full blood siblings, Matt’s life has never been a straight road. And neither has his career, which he describes rather nicely during their conversation as ‘ unplanned’. But, it’s when Matt talks about the power of community that you truly begin to see the man himself. His passionate advocacy for the power of communal experience and his success in building a media and marketing community shine through. And what about his own wellbeing? It’s an everyday job, he tells us. Revealing that he’s as passionate about that aspect of his life as he is the work he does.

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