Reset, the Podcast: Peter Cowie, Former Co-Founder, Oystercatchers and Top Banana, From Good to Great

Peter Cowie

Suki (Founder Let’s Reset)  talks to someone very close and very special to her. Peter Cowie was her business partner for over a decade, a period during which they built and sold their award winning marketing transformation consultancy, Oystercatchers to Centaur Media Plc. She talks to Peter about how his innate and brilliant creative instincts have allowed him to shine for so many years and why he likes to think of himself as the ’Top Banana’. It’s a story that will make you smile. Peter also shares what he believes are the things that prevent people and organisations from achieving creative brilliance. And, towards the end of their chat, they have a very honest and heartfelt conversation  about the challenges they both faced at the end of their time working together. A poignant moment for them both.

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