Reset, the Podcast: Phil Wild, CEO, James Cropper Plc.

Phil Wild

Today Suki (Founder & CEO Let’s Reset) chats to Phil Wild, the purpose driven CEO of James Cropper plc. They spend time talking about why being purpose driven is important and the many things Phil’s doing in his organisation to embed vision, purpose and values. An Engineer by trade, Phil tells us why having a technical background has helped him become a better CEO and how that helps him relate to people in the factories that he runs. Perhaps most interestingly, their conversation turns to some of the darker moments in his career when he felt like a hamster on a hamster wheel, working 14 + hours a day. And what did that teach him? Well, that pleasure from being successful at work is a very long way away from being truly happy. Enjoy listening to the thoughts of an authentic leader who is doing so much to get his own life and work in perfect harmony.

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