Reset, the Podcast: Ralf Specht – How to Think and Behave Beyond the Startup

Ralf Specht, Founder of The Soul System

We had such great feedback from the author and businessman, Ralf Specht’s last conversation with me on the themes from his book, Building Corporate Soul that In this week’s episode of Reset the Podcast, we discuss his next book Beyond the Startup.

Ralf shares with us his learnings around the importance of strong teamwork within a global corporation whilst maintaining a ‘community’ feeling, founded on a common purpose and objectives in times of growth. Our discussion shares real life tips and tools to help bring this topic to life and will be sure to help you as a leader think more strategically about important skills such as role modelling, delegation, empowering your people and uniting a team, all the while leaving space to think and act creatively.

This is certainly an episode which will help you think more broadly and bravely about being a leader and building a culture.

You can also listen to Suki in conversation with Ralf and Adrian Hallmark (details about session and email to for a online ticket to watch the session on catch up. 

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