Reset, the Podcast: Ralf Specht – The Business of the Future Must Have Soul

Ralf Specht
This week I sit down with Ralf Specht, a man driven by a very clear and very strong mission – to make soulless companies a thing of the past.
In our conversation, we deep dive into what it means to build a culture from the ground up. Having founded and run a successful creative agency for more than 8 years, Ralf shares his insight into the critical need to create, what he describes as, “an environment where amazing things can happen”, not only for the benefit of the people, but also the success of the company.
Ralf has gone on to write a book which details the different elements which form the foundations of a culture set to thrive. He is kind enough to share with us the key ingredients of his ‘Corporate Soul System’ , explaining why the “shared purpose”, “shared understanding” and “shared behaviours” form the backbone of an upstanding organisation.
We talk energy, engagement and inspiration and why human capital is truly the most important asset to business success.
Come and listen to Ralf speak at Let’s Reset’s POWER UP Festival with Advertising Week Europe on Thursday 19 May 2022. The event will be held live at Picturehouse Central, Piccadilly Circus, London W1D 7DH and virtually. Register for the event here

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