Reset, the Podcast: Rania Robinson – Empowering One Another

Stylized photo of Rania Robinson for the Reset, the Podcast show

This week I am talking to Rania Robinson, a female powerhouse, CEO & Partner at Quiet Storm and president of WACL. We cover marginalization on a gender basis, race basis and on a parental basis.

I learn how she fell in love with the advertising industry at a young age. When Rania first started in London she found herself amongst so many people from different cultural backgrounds and yet in the workplace she was one of the only people of colour. She reflects on the time her gender, race, the fact she was a mother and her educational background resulted in resistance from others as her career progressed.  

She shares how her background and past influences have led her to treasure female influencesacknowledging the importance of strong women, who speak their minds and speak up for others who may not be able to and why she is delighted to be the President of WACL this year. A club with the empowerment of women at it’s very centre.

As culture is a hot topic for both of us, we discuss how her husband and business partner Trevor have created an agency culture with strong values of inclusivity, fairness and empowerment.

Thanks again for listening.


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