Reset, the Podcast: Rich Lawrence – Category, Brand and Innovation Director at New England Seafood

Reset, the Podcast with Rich Lawrence

In this RESET the podcast I talk to Rich Lawrence, Category, Brand and Innovation Director at New England Seafood. Rich has always been fascinated by marketing and has a pedigree background from Unilever, L’Oreal and Pepsico where he learnt how to create a strong brand with clear and ‘crunchy’ positioning.  In recent years he has taken on the challenge of transforming New England Seafood.

Rich talks me through the company’s journey over the last 30 years and discusses with me how they continue to battle the preconceptions of the fishing industry. We discuss the importance of maintaining clarity of strategy and plan, as well as how Rich measures success to stay focused on the mission. New England Seafood’s shareholders are 23,000 Simshian  Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people – the bloodline descendants of the first settlers to the America’s.

As with many of my guests who work for organisations driven by a clear sense of purpose, we talk about the need for teams and people to feel aligned to the values of the company and truly believe in what they are working towards – which in Rich’s case is Making New England Seafood, for People and for Planet.

Rich shares with me his personal journey to becoming the maverick marketeer he is today, capable of driving change and overcoming challenge. The personal development he undertook early in his career and work he did to build productive and professional habits into his day-to-day life. For Rich, living a work life based on passion, purpose and people has allowed him to focus his energy and creativity to lead and inspire and make a real difference.

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