Reset, the Podcast: Rik Moore – How Comedy Can Help You Perform Better at Work

Rik Moore, Managing Partner, Strategy, The Kite Factory takes me on a wonderful journey of how he merged two things he loves to create his unique space in business.  Comedy and Media.

It is so important to have a creative outlet and Rik found his initially performing comedy. However, soon he found himself without enough hours in the day, holding down a full-time job in both comedy and media and as a result he was working 300+ hours a month and was missing out socially with friends and family. He had to scale back and did so by merging his two passions together.

Rik identified the similarities and the benefits of bringing his comedy experience into the workplace and talks about how comedy can support confidence, public speaking, meeting preparation, brainstorming and how training in comedy can help you conduct a room in a way that puts everyone at ease. There are so many benefits, and it really highlights the importance and value of making time and embracing our need for a creative outlet and the impact it has on our performance.

He left me with one very important caveat – don’t be a David Brent!!



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